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A Hotel In Rye?
When you are looking for accommodation in Rye do you immediately think of a hotel?

Many people prefer hotels to bed and breakfasts because they think they will be getting a certain minimum level of comfort and/or because they prefer to stay at a hotel where they don't have to make conversation with anyone!

We would contend that the Rye Windmill is more of a hotel with its rooms and basic level of comfort than many so called other hotels. Like many a hotel, the Rye Windmill has a foyer and is ensconced in a large building with 8 bedrooms and 2 suites to suit most peoples accommodation requirements.

It is fully licensed and has a nice breakfast room. In other words the only thing that it does not have is a fully functioning restaurant. In Rye there are so many places to eat that it seems pointless to add yet another restaurant when there are so many already.

The Rye Windmill can also some very superior accommodation with its new suites i.e. The family room and the honeymoon suite which are actually built into the Windmill!!

There are few if any hotels in the Rye area that can offer the same style of luxury accommodation with the same level of facilities and character.

So, as to the question of which hotel in Rye we would suggest that you try our bed and breakfast which is as much of an hotel as many of the others and provides a real alternative!

Our standard double or twin en-suite

Rye Bed & Breakfast
Start the day with a filling english breakfast.

Rye Bed & Breakfast
Rye is suitated in stunning senery.


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